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  • The Colombian Single Hammock is the perfect place to release the stresses of the day. The vibrant sunset colours of orange, yellow and pink are warm and inviting and are guaranteed to put you in a sunny frame of mind no matter what the weather. 

    This hammock is designed for one person to snuggle into, and once you have had a siesta in it not only will you never want to leave but you will also agree that this hammock is too good to share. 

    The special HamacTex material is the ideal easy-care fabric. Designed for outdoor use meaning you can worry about how much time you will get to spend in your hammock rather than worrying about bringing it inside every day. Its UV resistance will also keep the beautiful colours radiant for longer, and in the case of rain... no worries, HamacTex is water repellent and fast drying meaning you will be back to enjoying your hammock in no time. 

    Many people suffer needless hammock withdrawal over the cold winter months. However, there is no need to suffer unnecessarily, as the single hammock is perfect for use indoors as well as outdoors. So find a place close to the fire, hang up your hammock, lie back and dream of summer. 

    What are you waiting for, a more relaxed 'you' will thank you for it! 

single fabric hammock icon

Single size fabric hammock, best suited for one person or two children.

Multicord hammock icon

Multiple suspension cords improve your weight distribution throughout the hammock increasing comfort while also improving durability.

hamactex weather resistant hammock icon

Made from weatherproof durable polypropylene fabric to ensure your hammock looks and feels great for years to come.

tear proof material

Extra edge reinforcement to create a safer more robust and tearproof hammock.

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