Hammock Tree Straps

Got the trees? Got the hammock? Then this is all you need to get it hung nice and quickly.

This hammock tree strap set will make hanging and taking down any hammock a breeze. With included carabiner hooks and multiple loop attachment points hanging and taking down your hammock takes only a matter of seconds.

Be kind to those trees with this easy to use hammock tree strap set. Triple stitched and made of strong nylon webbing with 18 loop attachment points per strap. 

  • Includes 2x 280cm straps, and 2 aluminium carabiners
  • Straps 38mm wide, 280cm long
  • Colour: Black/White
  • Support weight; 200kg 

Hanging Instructions: Chose a solid tree or post that will support your weight from a height approximately 1.5-1.8m off the ground. Take one strap and wrap around the tree/post feeding one end through the first loop and pulling tight. Then simply attach the carabiner hook onto the appropriate level loop and you hammock end. Repeat this procedure on a second tree/post.

Tip: If the carabiner doesn’t fit directly onto your hammock loop ends, feed the strap through your hammock loop and attach back onto one of the straps loop with provided carabiners.

Support Weight: 200kg. Regularly check straps for signs of wear and replace as necessary. Made in China.