Hammocks for Trees

What good are hammocks without trees to hang them from or to give us the fresh air to breathe while we enjoy relaxing in them? Trees and hammocks go hand in hand.

So for every hammock or hammock stand purchased through Hammock Shop, thanks to our partnership with One Tree Planted, one tree will be planted in your honour. From providing food crops, restoring disaster-damaged areas and protecting habitat, tree planting while a simple process has a big impact. So rest easy in your hammock knowing your tree is growing and providing valuable social and environmental benefits to our planet. 

Reforestation partnerOne Tree PlantedOne product for one tree stamp

Trees for Hammocks Guatemala

Through various projects around the world, including Latin America, Africa, North America and Asia, these trees are being planted to help reforest, restore and feed local communities. Local grassroots organisations take part in the planting and tending of trees to ensure a high tree survival rate of 80-90%. 

Other major benefits of helping replenish trees around the world include clean air, better water quality, biodiversity habitat, social impacts such as providing food and sustainable employment.  

Children planting trees in Latin American 

With the majority of our hammocks being made in Latin America, including Brazil and Colombia the majority of trees planted will be done in this area to help further in these developing countries.